Welcome to the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance:

Chestertown, Brant Lake, Pottersville, Adirondack, NY

The Tri-Lakes Business Alliance is devoted to bringing fun and exciting events and other improvements to our community. The Alliance is a not-for-profit organization of business owners and others in the towns of Chester and Horicon working together. Meetings are held every other Friday at 9am at The Panther Mountain Inn.

There are only two rules:

  1. Meetings last for only 1 hour
  2. Only 1 person speaks at a time

Who We Are

The North Warren Tri-Lakes Alliance is made up of your neighborhood business owners, families and local citizens.

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Photo Gallery

Never seen an Outhouse Race or entered a Frying Pan toss? Is a Prohibition-era burlesque show on your bucket list? These pictures are worth a thousand words.

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Events & Activities

Browse our list of annual events for four seasons of family fun and activities for all ages!

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Latest News

Minutes | April 6, 2018

Car Hops: Starting in June and running to September! 1st Friday of the month at The Hub, 3rd Friday of the month at The Panther Mt. Inn. Suggested instead of $50 trophy sponsors each week business get together and donate $250 per event to provide live music, have better prizes, etc. like the North Creek Car Shows. Email us your opinion on this!

Banners for Town Poles: Designs have been approved by the committee and after approval is given from the Towns (hopefully this week) we will be sending out info on how to get yours up for this summer. 6-8 designs will be available showing activities in our area (snowmobiling, swimming, bicycling, etc) and they will be available for the Towns of Chester, Brant Lake, Pottersville & Adirondack. Cost is $150 (the previous banners lasted 4 years so it’s a good bang for your buck, plus it enhances the look of our towns) and monies are paid directly to Garnet Signs (The TLBA makes no money on this, we just get it organized as a service to our community).

Carol Theatre: What to look forward to this summer: Professor Louie (who performed at Wood Stock!), Battle of the Saxes, a Jazz singer, 10 piece Chicago Tribute group, Feast of Friends (tribute to The Doors), The Beatles and MORE! Call Al at #518-494-5318 for info.

White Water Derby: May 5-6. Tee Shirt sponsors are being sought by the North Creek Business Alliance (they meet every Thurs. 8:30am-9:30am if you want to attend a meeting). Contact Katie Nightingale for shirt sponsorships. Read more

Minutes | March 23, 2018

The March 23, 2018 Meeting of the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance took place at the Panther Mountain Inn, Route 9, Chestertown, New York 12817. The meeting was called to order at 9:02pm by President Don Butler.

All members in attendance introduced each other and their individual organizations.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade- President Butler stated that about 400 people attended this year’s event. There were performances at local restaurants that brought in patrons. A question from the floor by Helena Robbins asked why all restaurants were not able to participate in having performers. President Butler stated that it was a good parade, trophies will be added next year and we need to be sure that we are getting pictures at events like this, everyone was in agreement.

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